Wanna enjoy the Bulgarian food, start here


Two Free range eggs , roasted tomato and watercress served on ciabatta $13.

Sundried tomato, roasted peppers, Spanish onion, wilted spinach omelet $15.

Smoked bacon and two fried range eggs on ciabatta $15.


Asian barbequed lamb, quinoa, roasted capsicum and spinach salad $20.

“Bulgarian steak sandwich” – baharat 110g grain fed rump, sautéed onion, fried peppers, mint yogurt and rocket on ciabatta $17

Today’s selection of 3 sliders $18.


Grilled prawns, compressed watermelon, black pepper granita and vanilla bean vinaigrette $18.

Sirloin, pommes dauphinoise, garlic puree, chargrilled broccolini and jus $42.

Spiced lamb rump, Isreali cous cous, sundried tomato, pickled onion, baby carrots and smoked yoghurt $34