About Us

Bulgarian Restaurant is a food distribution business which specializes in dealing directly with local growers and food producers on the Sunshine Coast. We deliver their fresh produce into restaurants, cafes, and hotels in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Some of the quality fruit and vegetables are grown on the Sunshine Coast region include zucchini flowers, Swiss brown mushrooms, figs, strawberries, macadamias, mangos, mesculin and related greens, limes and finger limes. We also carry an extensive range of quality frozen berries and purees which are processed and packaged on the Sunshine Coast. Feduberry Foods is also a distributor of the famous Delizia gelati and sorbets.

Locally grown produce is collected daily from local farms ensuring that it is delivered fresh. Our usual delivery days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday into Brisbane and Tuesday and Thursday on the Sunshine Coast. Our monthly newsletter keeps clients informed about what is coming into season so they can plan their menus to take advantage of produce at its peak.

Please use the Seasonable Produce link to view what produce is currently available. Please use the Suppliers link to find background information on our local growers. If you wish to receive the monthly newsletter or a product information list please leave your details in the Contact Us link