Storage basil for a week in a Bulgarian way

Most of us have encountered the problem of “how to store” fresh spices for longer.  

Most of us have already learned to use basil in cooking, which is good because it has a unique flavor. But we always get angry when we see his leaves twitch on day two, said Bulgarian Culture.

Still, we can not cut the whole link (unless we make a painted pesto, of course). So it’s good to know how it prefers to store this plant so we can enjoy its beneficial properties and its fresh look for a longer time.  

So it’s very easy – just like a bouquet of flowers. We need to cut off the baskets of basil, then dip into a glass or another pot of water. So far as the beautiful bouquet you got that day 🙂  

But unlike the bouquet, the basil will “hide” it with an envelope. You must cover the basil with a nylon bag. But not tight without tying. So leave the basil on the counter or another convenient place for you.

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